Energy & Power System Simulation

Energy & Power System Simulation and Optimization Software

Modelon Impact’s energy and power system simulation capabilities coupled with our comprehensive suite of validated multi-physics industry-leading libraries has helped energy and power companies to model and simulate and optimize legacy systems as well as new power system prototypes, assessing performance and identifying parameter settings.  Our power system simulation and optimization software and employee knowledgebase have helped customers develop new forms of energy storage, integrate new forms of renewable energy, and perform control system design and testing.

Modelon Impact offers power system simulation and optimization for companies that develop renewable storage and integration, power, processing, chemical, oil and gas, and utilities.

Power System Simulation

Benefits of working with Modelon:

  • Gives access to tools and methods proven in the real world
  • Enables performance, safety and regulatory studies early in the design process
  • Allows users to integrate mechanical and electrical subsystems for greater productivity and quality
  • Delivers ability to create “what-if” real-time simulations for optimizing design and operations, saving time and improving safety
  • Offers flexibility to adapt operation simulations to changing regulatory conditions
  • Provides access to open-systems approach for integrating existing tools into a cohesive process.

“Choosing Modelon Impact as our platform for dynamic system simulation was an important strategic decision.  We are developing critical sustainable state-of-the-art energy systems to meet growing global demand and decarbonization targets. Modelon’s established authority and credibility in energy systems modeling and their pace for developing a cloud-based platform [Modelon Impact] aligned with our roadmap and mission – to bring advanced thermal energy and storage systems to a global market with speed and assurance. The self-critical and agile continuous improvement mindset of the Modelon team matches with MAN ES’ approach in novel system solutions development. We trust that Modelon and Modelon Impact will help us change the world of power production for a more sustainable future.”

Emmanuel Jacquemoud, Technical Project Lead ETES, MAN Energy Solutions

Integrated Energy and Power System Design

Power Plant System Simulation


Control & plant design
Flexibility analysis
Fatigue life assessment
Carbon capture
Steam, CO2 & ORC cycles
Hydrogen gas-turbine retrofit

Renewable System Simulation


Fuel cell – PEM & SOFC
Solar – PV & CSP
Wind power
Renewable integration
Inverter control & design

Energy Storage System Model


Molten salt
Battery including aging
Electro-thermal storage
Water tank accumulator

Electric Grid System Model


Transmission & distribution
Transient & fault analysis
Microgrid design
Grid synchronization
Energy management
Transport electrification

District Energy System Model


Heating & cooling networks
Cogeneration plant
Heat pump & chiller
Production planning
Distributed production

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Clean Energy Storage Systems

Using Thermal Power Library, Modelon power industry experts can support the design process from ideation, architecture selection, and component sizing to controls development and system verification and validation.

Microgrid Technology

Modelon Impact allows for what-if scenarios analyses to be conducted for varying infrastructures and operating conditions – at both microgrid and building levels

Hydrogen Power

Replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen can be a significant step in reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating climate change. Using Modelon Impact, engineers can easily create a full plant model to address technical challenges and evaluate efficient operation.

Cogeneration Power Plant

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP), plant can be modeled in detail to capture their behavior at various loads. Physical phenomena such as delays, heat losses and energy storage in accumulators as well as in the network are included in the model. 

Hydroelectric Power Plants

Modelon has experience helping customers implement modeling and simulation throughout all phases of a hydro plant’s lifecycle, including planning and design, commissioning, production, and maintenance and update scheduling.

Carbon Capture and Storage Technology

Modelon has extensive knowledge and experience related to carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. The company has delivered solutions to large energy suppliers for performance assessment of both absorption-based separation processes and CO2 transport pipelines.

Thermal Power Plants

Modelon Impact enables customers to explore new concepts during early design phases of a wide range of power-plant types, including coal and gas-fired, in all sizes and configurations.

Nuclear Energy – Small Modular Reactors

Nuclear reactor modeling poses two major challenges: The complexity of technically sophisticated assemblies that must meet rigorous safety demands, and the need for large-scale collaboration among designers, engineers and shareholders, many of which do not have specific modeling skills.

Fuel Cells

Modelon has excelled in major projects that involve modeling, simulating, analyzing and controlling fuel-cell design, especially for PEMFC (Polymer Exchange Membrane) and SOFC (Solid Oxide) systems.

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