Modelon has a long tradition of working with academic institutions throughout the world. Open-standards-based technologies such as Modelica are finding wide acceptance in education, research and student engineering competitions.


Formula Student/ SAE

Modelon’s tools for race vehicle design and evaluation are applied by student teams in the Formula Student/SAE competition.  The competition teams build a one-seat Formula car that is evaluated for race performance, design quality and production costs.


Modelon libraries are used in undergraduate education to help students develop a better understanding of virtual experimentation. The Vehicle Dynamics Library for example, enables students to realize the benefits of simulating real-life scenarios early in the design process.


Modelon supports universities and research institutions with tools and expertise for modeling and simulation. This allows researchers to focus on their areas of study, benefiting from modeling and simulation results without having to become immersed in the technological implementation.

Master Thesis Projects

Modelon has active cooperation with several universities in many research projects. We also supply many universities in Europe and North America with modeling and simulation tools and training. We regularly accept engineering and computer science students to our offices for master thesis projects.

Modelon offers Master Thesis projects on selected subjects in physical systems modeling and software development. Students that are interested in one of the topics listed below are asked to contact us:

Please attach a cover letter, CV, and course transcript to your application.


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Industrial Equipment

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Energy & Process

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Academia & Research

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