Modelon offers both standardized courses and customized training to meet individual customer needs. Attending our training is a very efficient way to quickly become productive in modeling and simulation tools.

Modelon standard training courses are offered on a regular basis at different levels, from beginner to advanced for Dymola, Modelica and our full product range. See the schedule or contact Modelon Training for information about upcoming courses. We also frequently give customized courses, both at our premises and on-site when requested.

Typically, the training we provide is a mix of lectures, demos and exercises, to make sure that each topic is both explained and practiced. Lectures and exercises are lead by experienced personnel, who work with the software on daily basis, in both product development and consulting.

Our engagement in the Modelica Association and the experiences from our product development ensure that our courses are always up-to-date with the development of Modelica technology.

Training Overview

Modelon’s standard courses are modular to allow for maximum flexibility. We recommend beginning with Dymola Introduction I, which will provide a solid foundation in Dymola and Modelica. You can then either continue to learn more about Dymola and Modelica in Dymola Introduction II, or learn about any of our available library products. Additionally, we provide specialized training on particular domains, such as mechanics and thermodynamics.

An alternative way is to attend the Modelica Introduction. This course is intended for users of tools other than Dymola, or Dymola users who feel comfortable in the operation of Dymola.

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