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Modelica and Dymola for education in vehicle dynamics at KTH

Edrén, J., Jonasson, M., Nilsson, A., Rehnberg, A., Svahn, F., Trigell, A. S.:

September 20, 2009

7th International Modelica Conference, Como, Italy, pp. 775-783


Dymola and Modelica have been used at KTH Vehicle Dynamics for research work since 2000, see for example [1]. With the Vehicle Dynamics Library [2] (VDL) available, Modelica has become far more accessible for both researchers and students in the field of vehicle dynamics. Because of this, a project was initiated in order to evaluate the current state of Dymola and Modelica as tools for wider use in education at the division. The work presented in this paper was realized as a part of a PhD course, where one of the tasks was to design dedicated exercises to illustrate fundamentals of vehicle dynamics for students.
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