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Model Based Development of Future Small Electric Vehicle by Modelica

Hirano, Y., Inoue, S., Ota, J.:

September 21, 2015

11th International Modelica Conference, Versailles, France


To satisfy needs for future low-carbon mobility society, development of many new small electric vehicles (EVs) is increasingly active in recent years. Those vehicles are often smaller and lighter than conventional vehicles and are often equipped with low RRC (Rolling Resistance Coefficients) tires for less energy consumption. On the other hand, low RRC tires tend to have less cornering performance than conventional tires in general. Because of light weight and low RRC tires, those vehicles become to have reduced dynamic stability against external disturbances such as side wind. To analyze and cope with all the problems about energy consumption and vehicle stability, a holistic approach of vehicle system design considering multi-physics of mechanics, electrics, aerodynamics, control and so on is necessary.
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