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Heavy Vehicles Modeling with the Vehicle Dynamics Library

Philipson, N., Andreasson, J., Gäfvert, M., and Woodruff, A.:

March 3, 2008

6th International Modelica Conference, Bielefeld, Germany, pp. 629-634


The Vehicle Dynamics Library (VDL) [1, 2] was originally designed for studies on vehicle handling for passenger cars (VDL/Cars). It was early clear that an extension into the heavy vehicles domain would be natural. The inherent flexibility and extensibility of the Modelica-based solutions offers great benefits in this domain where a vast set of vehicle configurations and variants must be handled, such as combinations of trucks, tractors, full trailers, semi-trailers, tankers, with various axle and powertrain configurations, and also a wide range of payload conditions. This paper introduces the VDL/Trucks option of VDL aimed at modeling and simulation of heavy vehicles.
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