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Customer Story: SUBARU Implements Model-Based Development Methodology

Modelon July 28, 2021

SUBARU Implements MBDIn a new customer interview, SUBARU’s Electrified Drivetrain Development team shares how they have successfully implemented model-based development methodologies, with help from Modelon’s Modelica-based technology and technical services team.

SUBARU Corporation has been using Modelica technology and Modelon’s solutions including Vehicle Dynamics Library, Hydraulics Library, and FMI technologies for the Model-Based Development in drivetrain R&D process.

In this customer interview, we spoke to Subaru’s Mr. Kyosuke Kuroda about his experience implementing model-based development methodologies and the results that have been achieved with the help of Modelon solutions. Through the interview, it became clear that the implementation of Modelon’s Modelica-based solutions also contributed to the improvement of the engineers’ technical skills – in all stages of test planning, experimentation, and analysis of the results. With education and support, through workshops, Subaru’s team has developed further understanding of their 1D modelling technical skills – making an impact on their human resource development.

Learn how Modelon supports SUBARU’s Model-Based Development through the article.

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