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Modelon’s FMI Toolbox supports all major workflows in control system development and system integration for virtual prototyping, from design and sizing to optimization and MIL/SIL/HIL validation & verification testing in MATLAB/Simulink. The additional FMI Toolbox Coder Add-on provides extensive support enabling users to export FMUs from Simulink and import FMUs to a Simulink Coder target.

Key capabilities and features related to the latest version of the FMI Toolbox are below.

Import FMUs into Simulink
• Integrate simulation models from more than 100 tools into your Simulink workflow
• Simulink FMU block including a flexible and intuitive graphical interface to; set parameters, select block outputs, set simulation options, add icon, and create Simulink buses for inputs and outputs to manage FMUs with many signals
• Automate workflow by accessing FMU block settings through scripting

Requirements: Matlab and Simulink

Import FMUs into MATLAB Scripts
• Scripting simulations of FMUs in Matlab via APIs
• Intuitive interface that connects FMUs to MATLAB ode solvers
• Create custom solutions for simulating and analyzing FMU models
• Model Exchange FMU analysis functions, including: linearization computing from input to output, steady-state computation, and design space exploration through DoE functions

Requirements: Matlab

Release Information
Product Sheet
User Guide
The FMU Simulink user interface allows setting of parameter values and start values
The FMI Toolbox enables flexible configuration of outputs of an FMU block FMI Toolbox is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide. ”We chose the FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink from Modelon, because it has been proven as the most flexible tool in our tests. LuK GmbH & Co. KG Product Sheet Release Information User Guide
The FMI Toolbox enables flexible configuration of outputs of an FMU block
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Product Partner of MathWorks

With the FMI Toolbox for MATLAB® and Simulink®, Modelon is a product partner of The MathWorks Connections Program. The program keeps partners updated with new product releases and helps guarantee a high-quality solution that adheres to the standards set by the MathWorks product line.

dSPACE DS1006 Support

The FMI Toolbox for MATLAB® and Simulink® supports HIL simulation on dSPACE DS1006 systems. The Simulink block-set offered for FMU simulation is compliant with Simulink Coder and integrates seamlessly with the targets provided for HIL simulation on dSPACE DS1006 systems


FMI Toolbox is used for batch simulation processing, design of experiments (DoE), control design, design validation, and verification analysis in MATLAB/Simulink. It can be used effectively in a wide range of application domains, including mechanics, electronics and thermodynamics.

FMI Toolbox in combination with Simulink Coder enables users to generate FMUs from Simulink and perform hardware in the loop (HIL) simulations on dSPACE DS1006 systems. It also allows Modelica models to be used in combination with Simscape blocks.

Virtual Vehicle Kinematics and Compliance Test Rig

Read this blog to learn about accelerated and flexible vehicle development with virtual test runs using FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/ Simulink.


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