Modelon Fmi Model Connection workshopwill give a presentation at the FMI (Functional Mockup Interface) Model Connection Workshop, organized by the Working group of FMI Utilization and Deployment in the Technical Committee of Automotive Control and Model , one of the committees of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE). The workshop will be held online because the infection situation of the COVID-19 has not been settled yet.

To attend the workshop, registration is required by 17:00 in JST on October 20, 2021. Register from here. The organizer will inform you how to access the online workshop later.

The workshop program is here.
*The entire workshop program will be in Japanese.

Modelon will present the following session at the FMI Model Connection Workshop:

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Event Details

Date: October 22, 2021

Location: Virtual Conference

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