Job Description

Modelon is building a system modeling and simulation platform of the future, with the goal of creating a robust commercial platform available in the cloud. The solution needs highly interactive user interface for system modeling, massive parallelization of numerical simulations, post processing of large data sets and visualization in 2D and 3D. Collaborative system design preferred by modern engineers is a key capability of the platform, as well as high standards for IT security to keep sensitive customer product data safe. As a developer you will interact frequently with experts within Modelon in a range of fields, including physical modeling, numerical algorithms, systems design and compiler technology, all disciplines needed to create a great systems design platform.

You are an experienced software engineer with high ambition contribute to the success of a new product in a growing market of advanced industrial users.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • 5-10 years of experience with development of interactive user interfaces for visualization for engineering simulation, scientific computation, or medical applications software..
  • Broad and deep skills and experiences with UI technologies, concepts and methodologies, including UI architecture, common graphical frameworks and high performance visualization of large data sets.
  • Very strong programming skills in relevant languages. 

Desired Skills and Experience:

Experience of large-scale production front-end web app development and familiar with the following technologies, methodologies and concepts are merits:

  • JavaScript or TypeScript
  • HTML5
  • React
  • Three.js

Note that experience from web app development is not a requirement for this position – cross training to adopt technologies used to develop the web platform will then be required


  • Experience with testable architecture and writing testable code
  • Experience in test automation tools and practices
  • Experience of Agile development in a team
  • Good communication skills, including English
  • Self-motivated and ambitious

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