Hydraulics Library

Modelon's Hydraulics Library is valuable for all industries that develop hydraulic components and applications, including automotive, aerospace and industrial equipment.

 The Hydraulics Library provides models of pumps, motors and cylinders, restrictions and valves, hydraulic lines, lumped volumes and sensors. No special components for splits or mergers are required -- users connect hydraulic components by simply drawing connection lines, making it easy to model non-standard configurations and component designs. 


  • Ability to combine system and component design in a single tool
  • Easy integration into any application domain
  • Well suited for control design
  • Can be used for real-time applications
  • Handles incompressible and compressible oils and cavitation
  • Open and customizable for specific user applications

Examples of large applications


Thermal effects

  • Conditional thermal effects to catch temperature dynamics and heat transfer


  • Over 70 ready-to-use front end components. The library covers everything from standard valves, restrictions, lines, accumulators, pumps, sensors and more
  • Components have standard ISO hydraulic schematic icons to easily recognize the environment for application engineers
  • Geometry based valve design using Elements. Includes building blocks like different poppet geometries (conical, ball, etc.), spool valves with flow forces and pistons

Animation/ Visualization

  • Visualize system behavior with neat animation feature of hydraulic components (e.g. valves, cylinders, volumes), by varying icon position and color brightness for pressure

Hydraulic effects

  • Real time capable hose, line and pipe models to catch delays, pressure spikes and water hammer effects. They use  different approaches like frequency dependent friction, delay based or distributed lumped
  • Use a large range of predefined standard hydraulic fluids or simply define your own
  • Detailed models for variable density, bulk modulus and viscosity
  • Gas fraction mixture equations in the hydraulic fluid
  • Employ resistance models covering both laminar-, transition- and turbulent region as well as cavitational effect

Model integration

  • Interact with models from other domains like controls, pneumatics, vehicle dynamics, liquid cooling and mechanical


  • Simulate, modify or extend any of the 18 complete system examples for different application area

Export & Co-simulation

  • Export sub-systems using FMI to use within different tools without the need of Hydraulics license
  • Co-simulate several subsystems using various fluids.

Hydraulics don't exist in a vacuum.  They are a part of industrial systems that require cross-domain expertise, combining mechanical, electrical, thermodynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic and other components.

Modelon provides tools and expertise for most types of mechatronic systems that incorporate hydraulics, including:

  • Industrial manufacturing machinery
  • Robotics
  • Heavy mobile machinery and equipment
  • Installed equipment
  • Mechanical power equipment and products
  • Fabricated metal products.

Typical component-level applications include: 

Whole system applications include:

Vehicle shock absorbers

The Hydraulics Library fits a large range of hydraulic applications, including vehicle shock absorbers. Shock absorbers built with the Hydraulics Library are compatible with suspensions in the Vehicle Dynamics Library, enabling full-vehicle dynamic analysis. This makes it possible to analyze dynamic behavior such as damping force with respect to damper acceleration. The Hydraulics Library also accommodates variable temperature effects, enabling users to analyze the impact of temperature on performance. 

Power steering

Power steering adds extra hydraulic energy to a vehicle's steering mechanism. The Hydraulics Library contains all the required components for this type of application, such as power steering valves and pump.  It is fully compatible with 3D-mechanics and the Vehicle Dynamics Library, allowing users to model the entire steering mechanism.  


Hatch covers for ship holds

Wheel loader

Hydraulics Library video demo

Watch 7 minute example on the water hammer effect!

Linear drive

The example above  demonstrates the simulation diagram of a linear drive. It is built with a linear actuator modeled with a cylinder. A hydraulic motor is used instead of a rotational actuator. The load is coupled via a spring to the cylinder.

Hydraulics Library video demo - Watch 7 minute example on the water hammer effect

Hydraulic Automatic Transmission - Shift shock analysis with Hydraulics Library 4.5

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Wheel loader

Hydraulics Library is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide.

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Watch 7 minutes video demo!