Modelon Library Courses

Modelon offers training courses on libraries from the Modelon Library Suite. These courses are designed to introduce trainees to the usage of each library and equip trainees with the knowledge to build and configure system models as well as model simulation. Modelon library courses will typically be two-day courses administered by Modelon library experts.

Our current scheduled course offerings are listed below:

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Air Conditioning Library

This two-day course gives an Introduction to the usage of the Air Conditioning Library. The first day is focused on giving the know-how needed to perform component simulation and calibration of air conditioning cycles. The second day focuses on cycle configuration and analysis.

The course covers the following topics:

Overview of the Air Conditioning Library and its content

  • Heat exchangers, valves, compressors
  • Component and experiment templates
  • Component modeling and sub-model selection

Setting up virtual experiments

  • Using the Excel interface for model calibration
  • Initializing models
  • Interfacing with Simulink
  • Cycle analysis and charge optimization
  • Using the Dymola optimization package for non-linear parameter estimation

Modeling and customization

  • Building custom heat exchangers
  • Building custom cycles
  • Cycle initialization
  • Adding user-defined models and correlations

Hydraulics Library

This two-day course gives a comprehensive Introduction to the usage of the Hydraulics Library. The course teaches how to set up hydraulic and multi-domain systems and experiments and perform standard simulation analysis.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Theoretical background of hydraulics
  • Overview of Hydraulics Library and available components like pumps, control valves, cylinders and restrictions
  • Understanding differences and usage area between oil-, line- and pump models
  • Modeling techniques for robust and fast simulations
  • Building valves using Hydraulic Elements
  • Taking temperature into account with ThermoHydraulics

Vehicle Dynamics Library

This two-day course gives an introduction to the usage of the Vehicle Dynamics Library. The course is designed to give an overview of the contents of the library and how to configure vehicle models from templates. The course also practices how to set up different types of virtual experiments and teaches how to go beyond templates to define your own models and set up customized templates.

The course covers the following topics:

Overview of the Vehicle Dynamics Library and its content

  • Vehicle, and vehicle subsystems
  • Chassis and chassis components
  • Geometric and tabular suspensions, steerings, wheels and tires
  • Engine, transmission and brake subsystems
  • Drivelines and hybrid powertrains

Setting up virtual experiments

  • Creating 3D roads
  • Driver models
  • K&C analysis
  • Constrained and steady state analysis
  • Interfacing with Simulink
  • Real-time simulation

Modeling and customization

  • How to use and construct templates and base classes
  • Modeling beyond templates
  • Custom suspension models
  • Custom tire models
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Who should attend?

These courses are for users and library developers who want a comprehensive introduction to the libraries of the Modelon Library Suite. These courses can be tailored to the needs and tools of the customer.

How To Register

Modelon training courses are offered as scheduled open classes or private, possibly customized, classes. Contact our sales team for registration, inquiries, quotes and advice.


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