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Functional Mock-up Interface:モデルの共有とコラボレーションの新しい規格

This eBook introduces the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI), the standard for collaboration in modeling and simulation and covers four benefits of incorporating the innovative standard into your current workflow, including:

  • Improved Internal Collaboration – Multi-disciplinary teams gain the flexibility of working from the same page.
  • Efficient External Collaboration – FMI enables custom IP protection during model export, helping organizations keep their data secured.
  • Integrating Software and Hardware – FMI technology seamlessly connects software components with hardware components.
  • Avoiding Vendor Lock-in – The FMI standard workflow allows teams to utilize multiple tools efficiently.

Learn how the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard can be deployed into your workflow – benefiting a broad range of stakeholders – making collaboration between teams and software easy and efficient.

To learn more about the FMI standard, visit www.fmi-standard.org.

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