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Aircraft Engine Design: On-Demand Webinar

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In this on-demand webinar and hands-on tutorial, we present the aircraft engine design of conventional and hybrid-electric aerospace engines using the multi-point design approach. Attendees were given access to the live web app, powered by Modelon Impact, to experiment with various multi-point design optimizations.

This webinar covers:

  • Introduction of multi-point design and its advantages 
  • Introduction and comparison of two multi-point design approaches 
  • Application for hybrid-electric concepts using a parallel hybrid design 
  • Demo of simple multi-point design on turbojet and multi-point design on geared turbofan 
  • Cranfield/MDH and NASA-Glenn multi-point design model simulations in the browser-based web app, powered by Modelon Impact


Michael Sielemann is the aerospace industry director at Modelon. He is specialized in thermo-fluid dynamics, optimization, and numerical algorithms for the computation of steady-state solutions. Michael holds MSc and PhD degrees in aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Midhun Joy is an Application Engineer at Modelon with experience in simulation and computational analysis. He holds a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

View the webinar on-demand

View the webinar on-demand:

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