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An Interview With Professor Luigi Vanfretti

In this interview, we ask Professor Luigi Vanfretti what has helped him succeed in learning Modelica, and how impactful Modelica has been within his research and discipline at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute. Learn how Professor Vanfretti harnessed the power of Modelica with Modelon technology.  

Luigi Vanfretti, Associate Professor at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, is a champion of Modelica technology. After first learning about Modelica’s multi-domain modeling properties, Professor Vanfretti received a grant in 2011 to utilize Modelica for power systems research. Integrating and utilizing Modelica-based technology, for power and grid simulation, enabled Professor Vanfretti to advance low-level research to technology readiness levels 3 and beyond. Modelica allowed for both scalable and reproducible modeling and, because it’s built upon the Functional Mock-up Interface, doesn’t restrict Professor Vanfretti from using domain specific tools for more specialized modeling. 

Read his full interview below.

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