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Modelon offers a deployment product designed to rapidly deploy system models across multiple platforms, varying tools, and organizations. Our FMI Toolbox and Coder Add-On are built on the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard and enable customers to utilize open standards for model exchange and co-simulation of dynamic models at the system and component level.

Modelon Deployment Suite Benefits

Platform Independence – Our deployment suite helps engineers exchange models and co-simulate across varying modeling and simulation platforms.

Comprehensive Solutions – Our deployment suite supports all major workflows in control system development and system integration for virtual prototyping.

Maximized Return on Investment – Our deployment suite reduces time and costs associated with model re-usability, and accessibility. Our product is built on FMI standards, ensuring robust model exchange across hundreds of modeling platforms.

FMI Toolbox for


FMI Toolbox
Coder Add-On


FMI Composer and FMI Add-In for Excel

FMI Composer and FMI Add-In for Excel are products no longer being sold in Modelon’s portfolio. If you have questions pertaining to the Functional Mock-up Interface please contact us. Modelon will continue to offer comprehensive consulting services and training as it relates to FMI.

For more information regarding services click here.   |   View the entire training schedule here.

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