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Aerospace System Design with Modelon Impact: On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, we present an overview and demonstration of Modelon Impact as the solution for implementing model-based design methods and digital thread – accelerating your development processes.

This webinar covers:

  • How Modelon Impact was built to accommodate the aerospace sector, including comprehensive industry libraries, workflow integration with Python, and deployment capabilities via web apps.
  • Steady-state – An overview and benefit comparison of steady-state v. dynamic simulation.
  • Multi-Point Design – Workflow Integration using Python w/ steady-state technology.
  • Web App Deployment – A model deployed into a dedicated web application tailored for hydraulic actuator sizing.


Michael Sielemann is the aerospace industry director at Modelon. He is specialized in thermo-fluid dynamics, optimization, and numerical algorithms for the computation of steady-state solutions. Michael holds MSc and PhD degrees in aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Clément Coïc is an aerospace senior simulation engineer at Modelon. He is experienced in Modelica-based library architecture and development and model-based design of hydraulic component and systems. He holds two MSc in system engineering and mechanical engineering, as well as a PhD on model-based hydraulic actuation system design for helicopters.

View the webinar on-demand:

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