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Xogeny´s Michael Tiller on how open standards fuel innovation

Modelon May 20, 2014

While writing his new book, Modelica by Example, Michael Tiller, president of Xogeny, was struck by how general technology innovation is fueled by open standards.

He says that many examples in the book use scalable vector graphics, WebGL, HTML, CSS and Java scripts running across different browsers.

“How is that? These are different tools and everything just works across different implementations,” says Dr. Tiller.  The importance of widespread compatibility among popular technology tools holds a lesson for the engineering community.

“I think from the engineering side, we need to pay attention to that lesson because obviously we want innovation, we want growth as well, and there’s a lesson to be learned there about the importance that [open] standards can play in allowing the ecosystem to really grow…in a safe stable way.”

This 3:13 interview is another in a series conducted by Modelon at the 10th International Modelica Conference in Lund, Sweden in March 2014.

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