This one-day course gives an introduction to thermodynamics and fluid modeling and simulation using Modelica technology. The course is designed to give an overview of the contents of the Modelica.Media and Modelica.Fluid libraries and teach you how to use them for model base design and analysis. The course practices how to build different thermo-fluid systems from primitives, but also how to create your own primitives with Modelica code.

The course covers the following topics:

Introduction to Thermo-fluid Modeling

  • Principles of Thermo-fluid Modeling
  • Design patterns for fluid modeling
  • Using different fluids with Modelica.Fluid
  • Numerical aspects of fluid modeling

Properties of fluid models

  • Index reduction for fluid systems
  • The streams connector concept
  • Index reduction in fluid systems
  • Thermo-fluid modeling
  • Basic components
  • Sign convention and implications

Working with the Modelica Standard Library

  • Modelica.Media: Principles and usage
  • Modelica.Fluid: Principles and usage
  • Modelica.Fluid: Demo & Overview
  • Create thermo-fluid components

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Who should attend?

The course is for users who wants a comprehensive introduction to thermo-fluid modeling using the Modelica Standard Library. Previous knowledge about Dymola corresponding to Dymola Introduction Course, Part I is assumed.