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Thermal Power Library – Release 1.14

Version 1.14 was released 2017-06-02.

This release comes with a large set of models targeting simulation and optimization of
district heating networks. With these additions, engineers in the field can:

  • Learn the limits of performance of the power plant and the network
  • Improve the economy by minimizing production and operation costs, as well as heat losses

Using the physics based modeling of Modelica, it is possible to optimize heating networks
without simplifications and set constraints on any temperature, flow or pressure in the
system. This is something that is not possible with existing standard approaches based on
considerable model simplifications using linear models. To demonstrate this, examples
aimed at district heating production planning using dynamic optimization are included in the
library. These demonstrate how to find the most profitable scheduling of production units in
a heating network with a clear objective and well defined constraints such as limits in
heating and pumping capacity.

Examples of improvements and new features:

  • District heating package with simulation and optimization examples. Pipe, consumer, producer and optimization models including optimization tutorial with scripts.
  • Time varying system ambient temperature. This is useful for simulations that reach several hours in duration where the ambient temperature may vary. An example of this is district heating simulation.
  • A fast simulating, incompressible water medium. This can be useful in water applications where simulation speed is prioritized.
  • Variable correction factor CF_length in pipe and heat exchanger models and a corresponding CF_area in wall models. They can be used to dynamically change the length and heat transfer area during simulation in order to solve design problems.
  • Improved parameter dialog for fixed zeta flow resistance.
  • Improved Solid media interface.
  • Replaced the thermoRoot flow regularization function with regRoot from the Modelon Base Library.

Conversion of user libraries:
Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 1.13 is supported using the included
conversion script.

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