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Pneumatics Library – Release 2.2

Version 2.2 was release 2017-06-02.

Examples of improvements and new features:

  • Example package involving air suspension systems is added. The air suspension components as well as system models involving developed components are made available to the user.
  • New fitting components based on the 3-K (Darby) method. This includes loss coefficients for 33 different bends (for different angles), valves and tees. In addition to this, a simpler 1-K tee is also available.
  • Reservoir will no longer have volume-volume connection inside
  • MultiPositionCylinder example no longer have volume-volume connections
  • The gases documentation is made to clarify the assumptions about inflowing enthalpy to volumes. The stop_h_outflow parameter in Constant gas model was also removed from GUI to avoid confusion, it is now always true.
  • Enhanced parameterization option for Bellows model. Effective area and volume can be specified by table. Added bellows material damping as well.

Conversion of user libraries:
Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 2.1 is supported using the included conversion script.

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