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Heat Exchanger Library – Release 1.6

Version 1.6 was released 2017-06-02.

Examples of improvements and new features:

  • In test benches for cross-flow flattube heat exchangers different sets of boundaryconditions can be selected via a new initType parameter. Different choices with groups of three from in- and outlet pressures, inlet specific enthalpy and temperature, mass flow rate and outlet superheat/subcooling are available. Steady-state initialization must be selected for all choices other than the combination of outlet pressure, inlet specific enthalpy and inlet mass flow rate.
  • Configuration of heat exchanger stacks in the air flow has been made more convenient and flexible with the new templates. Different fluids may be chosen freely as well as additional components such as fans and obstacles. See also the updated tutorial for the supported workflow. The powertrain cooling examples illustrate the combined performance of heat exchangers from high and low temperature cooling circuits, refrigeration system and charge air path together with fans and flow obstacles. The old templates are moved to a Deprecated package.
  • An opening component as an additional choice for an obstacle in the air stream can be integrated in stacks.
  • The parameterization of example heat exchangers was moved from test benches to separate heat exchanger classes, in order to illustrate the recommended workflow. Preconfigured heat exchanger models are then used in experiment models via redeclare.
  • An incorrect computation of air-side pressure drop in Kim-Bullard and Chang-Hsu correlations is now fixed. A deviation from results with previous versions can be expected for heat exchangers with more than one layer only. The pressure drop was previously underestimated. The previous bug-containing versions are kept in the Deprecated section to conserve the behavior of calibrated components.

Conversion of user libraries:
Automatic conversion of user libraries from is supported using the included conversion

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