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2018.1 Release Notes – Fuel System Library 4.3

Release Notes for Fuel System Library 4.3

Fuel System Library 4.3 is part of Modelon’s 2018.1 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

New features

  • Improved media model simulation performance by implementing legacy constant flag
  • Included an option to use convective heat transfer for the LumpedPipe, enabled by the useHeatTransfer parameter. The heat transfer coefficient is modelled by the replaceable heatTransfer model, exchangeable with the correlations found in Modelon.ThermoFluid.FlowChannels.HeatTransfer.SinglePhase.
  • The pump model has a new parameter n_parallel to set the number of parallel pumps that the component model will represent. This is an alternative to using separate components for parallel pumps. A new library example was added to demonstrate this new feature: FuelSystem.Pumps.Experiments.ParallelPumps.


  • Improved documentation for JetADryAir_redStates_Legacy media model
  • Added an error message to indicate when the initial fuel mass in the ConvectiveComplexTank exceeds the capacity. The message will indicate the instance name of the tank and the maximum fuel mass that can be set for its initialization.
  • Improved documentation in the User’s Guide for: Connecting principles, Speed up simulation, and Diagnostics.
  • Components like the valves, pumps and flow resistances that use small dynamic volumes are grouped into group name like “Not recommended” and components like lumpedPipe which usually have a significant volume are grouped into group name like “Not recommended when connected to volume” under the “Volume positioning” tab respectively. Also the default value for the useVol parameters under “Not recommended” and “Not recommended when connected to volume” case have been set to false.

Fixed issues

  • The dp_smooth was not properly propagated to frictionB, causing the pressure drops not to be symmetrical in the LumpedPipe between frictionA and frictionB. Now when dp_smooth for the LumpedPipe is changed, it is correctly propagated to both friction models.
  • The open_start parameter for the CheckValve now correctly initializes the opening as 1.0(open_start=true) or 0.0(open_start=false). Beforehand, the opening always started as 1.0 (open) regardless of the value of open_start.
  • The connector(portA and portA_alt) overlap issue in Pumps.Ejector,Pipes.LumpedPipe,Sources.MassFlowBoundary,Templates.PartialTwoPortFlowmodel,Sources.PressureBoundary has been corrected. The connectors were previously placed on top of each other, this caused confusion when the volumes are enabled at the ports as the switching of ports can’t be visualized clearly.
  • The sorting order of the variables in the result browser has been updated with the review variables(i.e summary and port variables) placed at the top position for ease of review.

Library structure changes

New classes

  • FuelSystem.FluidProperties.Predefined.LiquidGasMixture.NonEvaporating.JetADryAir_redStates_Legacy
  • FuelSystem.Pipes.Experiments.LumpedPipeHeatTransfer
  • FuelSystem.Pumps.Experiments.ParallelPumps

Renamed classes

  • FuelSystem.Examples -> FuelSystem.Experiments
  • FuelSystem.Examples.DrainTanks -> FuelSystem.Experiments.DrainTanks
  • FuelSystem.Examples.FillTanks -> FuelSystem.Experiments.FillTanks
  • FuelSystem.Examples.SpinningTank -> FuelSystem.Volumes.Experiments.SpinningTank
  • FuelSystem.Examples.SpinningTankWithPipes -> FuelSystem.Experiments.SpinningTankWithPipes
  • FuelSystem.Examples.SpinningComplexTankWithPipes -> FuelSystem.Experiments.SpinningComplexTankWithPipes
  • FuelSystem.Examples.SpinningComplexTankWithPipesSTL -> FuelSystem.Experiments.SpinningComplexTankWithPipesSTL
  • FuelSystem.Examples.TankAndPump -> FuelSystem.Experiments.TankAndPump
  • FuelSystem.Examples.PoppetValve -> FuelSystem.Valves.Experiments.PoppetValve
  • FuelSystem.Examples.SystemTransition -> FuelSystem.Experiments.SystemTransition
  • FuelSystem.Examples.FlowResistances -> FuelSystem.FlowResistances.Experiments.FlowResistances
  • FuelSystem.Examples.ControlValveCompressible -> FuelSystem.Valves.Experiments.ControlValveCompressible
  • FuelSystem.Examples.FuelTankInerting -> FuelSystem.Experiments.FuelTankInerting
  • FuelSystem.Examples.Evaporation -> FuelSystem.Experiments.Evaporation
  • FuelSystem.Examples.RockingTankHeatTransfer -> FuelSystem.Volumes.Experiments.RockingTankHeatTransfer.SimpleTank
  • FuelSystem.Examples.RockingTankHeatTransferComplexTank -> FuelSystem.Volumes.Experiments.RockingTankHeatTransfer.ComplexTank
  • FuelSystem.Examples.RockingTankHeatTransferComplexTankSTL -> FuelSystem.Volumes.Experiments.RockingTankHeatTransfer.ComplexTankSTL
  • FuelSystem.Examples.RockingTankHeatTransferComplexTankSTL2 -> FuelSystem.Volumes.Experiments.RockingTankHeatTransfer.ComplexTankSTL2
  • FuelSystem.Examples.Solubility -> FuelSystem.Experiments.Solubility

Conversion of user libraries

Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 4.2.2 is supported using the included conversion script “convert_4.2.2_to_4.3.mos” located under FuelSystem 4.3\Resources\Scripts.


Fuel System Library is based on Modelon Base Library 3.1 and Modelica Standard Library 3.2.2.

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