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Electric Power Library – Release 2.3

Version 2.3 was released 2017-06-02.

Electric Power library 2.3 has seen a large update focusing on improving the user experience.
This new version comes with new dynamic visualizers of key signals for DC and AC for all
transforms which makes it easier to analyze and understand large systems. The library has
seen a large update on model documentation and user parameter dialogs, which make it
easier to get started with the modeling. Version 2.3 comes with the Modelon Base Library
containing a large set of thermofluid models that may be used for more detailed
investigation of temperature and cooling effects. Beyond this the library comes with an
improved Modelica compliance.

Examples of improvements and new features:

  • Improved Modelica compliance – The full library now checks pedantically.
  • Improved documentation – Expanded documentation for the AC3ph_dqo package andcorrected/clarified many other cases.
  • Restructured examples package – Low level component examples are now locatedwithin the individual component packages rather than all in the top level Examples package. This makes it easier to find the individual test cases for component models.
  • Removed deprecated packages
  • Added dependency to Modelon Base Library (MBL) – This avoided duplicatingvarious icons that already existing in the MBL.
  • Renamed ‘Partials’ packages to ‘Interfaces’ and ‘Templates’ across the library – Thisimproves consistency across other Modelon libraries.
  • Added Literature package – This new package includes references to literature relatedto electric power systems.
  • New display components created – New display components were created for each ofthe representations (DC, AC1ph, AC3ph_abc, AC3ph_dqo, and AC3ph_dq). The new display sensor extends from each of the respective PVImeter components in the Sensors packages and can be used in place of these meters. They include discrete cellsfor simultaneous display of 5 variables that that are independently selectable by the user. Examples using the new meters are included in the top level Examples package(Islanding (abc),Islanding (dq0),Islanding (dq)) and also in each component example package (DC, AC 1ph, AC 3ph abc, AC 3ph dq0, and AC 3ph dq).
  • Improved dialog box for the System component – This reduces the number of buttonclicks needed by the user to choose specific options.
  • Improved frequency specification in the System component – Previously the user wasrestricted to specifying the frequency in radians unless they had custom unit conversions defined between hertz (Hz) and radians (rad). Also included typical train system frequencies in the drop-down list of frequencies.

Conversion of user libraries:

Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 2.2.4 is supported using the included
conversion script.

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