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Improving Control Strategies for Thermal Power Plants

“Leveraging Modelon technology and expertise has helped us accelerate on our plan and we value this key partnership.”

– Ramya Swaminathan, CEO, Malta Inc.


Why is balancing an electrical grid’s energy sources important? With multiple energy sources, an energy company can garner greater stability at reduced costs. To enable a system to integrate these multiple energy sources like wind and solar, new and existing plants need to be optimized in areas focused on load change rate, start-up time, minimum load and control reserves.

In a recent research collaboration, Modelon, the University of Rostock, and Vattenfall (one of Europe’s leading generators of electricity and heat) set out to improve the flexibility of a top German thermal power plant. Utilizing Modelon’s Thermal Power Library, researchers developed a model that was used to: optimize start-up, investigate wear, and develop control reserve strategies.

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