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Comparison of Methods to Improve Camber Using a Modelica/Dymola Multi-Body Model

Woodruff, A., Surgenor, B., and Knobel, C.:

April 16, 2007

SAE Technical Paper


Wheel camber can cause an increase or reduction of the available lateral force during vehicle cornering maneuvers. To reduce undesired wheel cambering, two active control methods were modeled and simulated using Modelica/Dymola software: 1) active anti-roll and 2) active anti-camber. Performance are benchmarked against a conventional passive multi-body vehicle model. The control systems for the camber prevention methods are then created in the Modelica/Dymola environment and simulated with the multi-body model. The anti-roll system showed the most-improved handling performance but also exhibited oversteering characteristics. As expected, the active-camber system demonstrated improved handling over the conventional passive vehicle without oversteering.

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