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2019.1 Release Notes – Aircraft Dynamics Library 1.1

Aircraft Dynamics Library v1.1 is part of Modelon’s 2019.1 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

New features

  • The autopilot controller model is available in AircraftDynamicsExtra 1.1. This is included in a separate package due to export control regulations.
  • Possibility to simulate engine failure using engine throttle scaling.


  • It is possible to switch between how mass is defined and updated based on the massComputation enumeration i.e. massComputation={InitializationOnly|Permanent}. See Masses for more information.
  • Vectorized the throttle input(dTH). Now the user needs to set one dTH for all the engines setting instead of having to enter dTH1 and dTH2.
  • Improved initialization by providing a default start value for the maximum zero fuel weight and maximum zero fuel weight over maximum take-off weight in the aircraft weight calculations.
  • Added support for changing world representation in the atmospheric models
  • Modified the Visualize function to take orientation of the body as an argument. The argument can be set to a better orientation for better viewing when using ECEF coordinates (See DecreasingFuelMass).
  • Possibility to replace model diagram background parameterically(“Water mark”) in the aircraft templates.
  • Added a motion utility block to be used in Quasi-Static rig test bench. Also a FlightManeuverMotionRig experiment has been added to demonstrate its use.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue with the AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Aerodynamics.ForcesMoments.Components.Examples.Tabular.PitchingMom model in which the CmdSr value wasn’t taken into account.
  • Fixed an issue where usage of ECEF coordinates caused initialization issues by accounting for world representations in the atmosphere models.
  • Corrected the body resolved angular derivative signal (wV_b) in the PartialAero template that was wrongly resolved resolved in the earth frame.
  • Corrected the AircraftInMotionRig experiment to use the newly added motion block.

New Classes

  • AircraftDynamics.Examples.QuasiStatic
  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.ControlUnits.Examples.ThroughRouting
  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.ControlUnits.Examples.RudderAndFlapsToThrottle
  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.LandingGears.Gears.Examples.RigidNoseSingle
  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.LandingGears.Gears.Examples.RigidMainSingle
  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Wings.Types.FlapType
  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Visualizers
  • AircraftDynamics.Utilities.CoordinateSystems.Functions.ecef_to_wgs84_der
  • AircraftDynamics.Utilities.CoordinateSystems.Functions.ecef_to_wgs84_h
  • AircraftDynamics.Utilities.CoordinateSystems.Functions.ecef_to_wgs84_h_der
  • AircraftDynamics.Utilities.Actuators.Motion
  • AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Experiments.Examples.FlightManeuverMotionRig

Moved Classes

  • AircraftDynamics.Utilities.Visualizers.SimpleAirframeVisualizer -> AircraftDynamics.Aircraft.Airframes.Visualizers.Examples.SimpleAirframeVisualizer

Conversion of user libraries

  • Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 1.0 to 1.1 is partially supported using the included conversion script “Convert_to_1.1.mos” located under AircraftDynamics 1.1\Resources\Scripts.


  • Aircraft Dynamics 1.1 is based on Modelon Base Library 3.3 and Modelica Standard Library 3.2.2.

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