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Air Conditioning Library – Release 1.14

Version 1.14 was released 2017-06-02.

Examples of improvements and new features:

  • A new flag was introduced in the air-refrigerant heat exchangers, which allows to easily switch between inlet/outlet headers only and a uniform distribution of the volume across the entire refrigerant flow path including the internal header volumes, which do not store mass. It is recommended to use inlet/outlet headers only, if the dynamic behavior is the main interest and the switch distributeToInternalHeaders, if the correct charge is of more importance.
  • The receiver summary Boolean variable full has been removed, since it could cause unnecessary events and chattering.
  • The friction model in pipe components in the experiment models under Templates are no longer parameterized using initial parameters, because component friction losses should not depend on init value choices.

Conversion of user libraries:
Automatic conversion of user libraries from previous version is supported using the
included conversion script. Note! In order to correct a previous bug when converting, some
manual actions might need to be performed. See the library documentation for more

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