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2019.1 Release Notes – Electrification Library 1.2

Electrification Library v1.2 is released separately from the common release cycle of the Modelon Library Suite.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

New Features

Rimac Battery Example Models

  • A detailed and validated model of a Rimac R&D battery cell.
  • An example of a Rimac R&D battery pack module.
  • Battery cell validation experiment for the Rimac R&D cell model.
  • Battery pack experiment with the Rimac R&D battery module.


  • New linear bi-polar impedance models with inductive dynamics (Dynamic1stTabularBipolar, Dynamic2ndTabularBipolar).
  • New experiment templates for battery packs and cells (BatteryCycler, DischargeCellCoreThermal, CellCoreCycler).
  • New CommonCell battery pack thermal model, for computationally efficient cell-based pack model.
  • New BatteryCycler load component, with integrated battery limits and de-rating.
  • Fixed an issue with initializing the battery charge based on voltage instead of SoC.
  • Added independant thermal characteristics for positive and negative terminals in the Cylindrical and Prismatic cell thermal models.


  • Added controllers with limits for converters.
  • Added bi-directional power/current limits for converters.


  • Improved performance for fixed temperature models.
  • Minor updates to summary records and parameter dialogs.
  • Corrected the implementation of ParallelStrings to correctly alternate from positive to negative termal connections. The previous implementation was moved to the Deprecated package. See the deprecated ParallelStrings component for more details.

Conversion of user libraries

  • Conversion of user’s libraries is automatically converted by the scripts in: Electrification/Resources/Scripts.


  • Electrification Library 1.2 continues to use Modelon Base Library 3.3.

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