Dymola Introduction Course

The Dymola introduction training course is a comprehensive introduction to the modeling and simulation capabilities of Dymola and Modelica. The training is in total a five-day course, but can be taken in two parts: Dymola Intro 1 (2 days) and Dymola Intro 2 (3 days).

The full training will enable you to better understand and apply Dymola and Modelica for greater productivity. Each subject is first explained in a lecture focusing on features, with Dymola demonstrations by the instructor. Exercise sessions will give you the opportunity to use Dymola to practice what you’ve learned. You will also build your own model library according to best practices.

At the end of the course, you will have the model library you built and the course materials to give you a head-start in creating applications with these dynamic tools.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Interactive multi-domain modeling using components from the Modelica Standard Library
  • The Dymola user interface
  • Principles of physical modeling in Modelica
  • Basics of the Modelica modeling language
  • Organization and structuring of large models
  • Best practices in model development with Dymola
  • Using the Modelica Standard Library
  • Building custom model libraries
  • Creating custom model components in Modelica
  • Simulation and linearization
  • Working with model templates
  • Working with discrete events
  • Modelica and Dymola traps and pitfalls
  • Troubleshooting models and numerical problems
  • Selecting the right solver
  • Embedding external C and Fortran model components
  • Exporting models as stand-alone executables or DLLs
  • Interfacing with MATLAB and Simulink
  • Plotting, visualizing, and post-processing simulation results
  • Automating tasks with scripting
  • Introduction to real-time simulation
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Who should attend?

New Dymola users should attend this training. No previous knowledge of Dymola and Modelica is required, but some basic knowledge of simulation and physical modeling is desirable.

How To Register

Modelon training courses are offered as scheduled open classes or private, possibly customized, classes. Contact our sales team for registration, inquiries, quotes and advice.


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