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To register for a scheduled course fill out the form or to receive an offer for customized training, or an on-site course, please contact our sales team.

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Scheduled courses are normally held at our premises. To get information on travel and accommodation recommendations:

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Computer pre-requisites

Participants are expected to bring their own laptop computers with sufficient computing power and memory, unless otherwise arranged for special courses. Recommended equipment to bring is:

  • A laptop computer with pre-installed Software required for the course. Typically Dymola and MS Visual C++ compiler (make sure to install all required libraries as well) or
  • A laptop computer with administrator rights for the participant.
  • Recommended RAM is 2GB (minimum of 1 GB sufficient for Windows 2000 or XP).
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7.

The corresponding requirements also hold true for on-site computer equipment.

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