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Beyond defining to helping apply

Modelon September 25, 2014

While most engineers see the role of standards-making bodies as defining specifications, Steven Vettermann, GM of the ProSTEP iVIP Association, believes his organization and the Modelica Association have a much wider purview.

Vettermann thinks that association leaders must provide processes and case studies to drive standards into everyday use for industrial applications.

Open standards are the basis for collaboration, according to Vettermann, making FMI increasingly important for functional modeling and mockup applications that are propelling industry forward.

He thinks the Modelica Association is now at the stage where it needs to stabilize, providing results to the industry while continuing to innovate.

Modelon plays a key role in offering both products and professional services to help users apply standards that improve their processes from a business perspective.

This 3:11 interview is another in a series conducted by Modelon at the 10th International Modelica Conference in Lund, Sweden in March 2014.

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