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Open Source & Community

Modelon is a supporter and active participant of the Modelica Association, a non-profit organization focused on the development of Modelica and FMI, and related technology. Modelon staff are members of the Modelica Association Board, as well as working groups. We are proud to play a part in the current and future success of Modelica and FMI, and firmly believe in the benefits these technologies bring to academia and industry.
In addition, Modelon provides license-free access to some of our technology via the open-source projects and PyFMI. is an open source Modelica and FMI-based platform for simulation and optimization of dynamic models. offers an extensive and user-friendly Python scripting environment and includes the Python packages Assimulo and PyFMI for simulation of FMUs. Model compilation, analysis, simulation and optimization are easily accessible in Python to develop custom analysis workflows and for visualize analysis results. is developed in collaboration with academic institutions, notably the Department of Automatic Control, the Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems, and the Group of Numerical Analysis/Center for Mathematical Sciences at Lund University. is a result of research of Department of Automatic Control at Lund University. technology is also available under end-user and OEM licenses as part of the OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit.

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  • Modelica compiler supporting the optimization extension Optimica
  • Simulation of dynamic models with Modelica and FMI
  • High performance optimization of dynamic Modelica/Optimica models with CasADi
  • Non-linear model predicitive control
  • Moving horizon estimation
  • Parameter estimation and model calibration
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Flexible automation and visualization with Python scripting


PyFMI is a package for loading and interacting with Functional Mock-Up Units (FMUs) both for Model Exchange and Co-Simulation, which are compiled dynamic models compliant with the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI), see here for more information.

FMI is a standard that enables tool independent exchange of dynamic models on binary format. Several industrial simulation platforms supports export of FMUs, including, Dymola,, OpenModelica and SimulationX, see here for a complete list. PyFMI offers a Python interface for interacting with FMUs and enables for example loading of FMU models, setting of model parameters and evaluation of model equations.

PyFMI is available as a stand-alone package or as part of the distribution. Using PyFMI together with the Python simulation package Assimulo adds industrial grade simulation capabilities of FMUs to Python.


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