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First to Market and Now Available!

Connect your models faster and easier with FMI Composer.

FMI Composer enables users to build system models from multiple FMUs and is the first tool to be built entirely on the FMI and SSP standards. FMI is the world’s leading standard for model exchange and co-simulation, with over 100 modeling and simulation tools supported. Its companion standard SSP (System Structure and Parameterization) is soon-to-be-released and further extends FMI functionality by describing systems of connected FMUs and the parameterization of such systems.

FMI Composer (along with the FMI and SSP standards) allows different teams, using different modeling tools, to access each other’s models; and to work together to specify interfaces between respective components – ensuring synergy. Users can define how FMUs are connected to other FMUs and to external inputs and outputs. Optionally, graphical layout information can be provided to visualize system structure in a standardized way and allow for drag-and-drop type modeling.

System display on FMI Composer canvas.
System display on FMI Composer canvas.
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  • Build systems of multiple FMUs and save on standardized format: SSP
  • Define system architectures to enforce interfaces between component models
  • View FMU information including: parameters, variables, and meta data
  • Export SSP systems to FMU – enabling co-simulation in any tool capable of FMI import
  • Convert FMUs from Model Exchange (ME) to Co-Simulation (CS)
  • Create black-box FMUs that hide internal information
  • Create interface models in Simulink and Modelica that can be used to develop models adhering to a specified component interface


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