Modelon offers comprehensive consulting and support services, enabling your organization to deliver high impact solutions. Modelon engineers are proven experts in the application of multi-domain system simulation to industrial product design. We also help customers with modeling & simulation technology selection and implementation, working side by side to bring the right technology into your engineering organization.

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Comprehensive Service

From Concept to Implementation and Operation

Project Consulting

Modelon experts can help build models, perform simulations, optimize designs, and develop a workflow for virtual testing that is specific to your needs.

Model Industrialization

Modelon experts can help upgrade your legacy models, improve the quality of your code-base, and implement quality assurance measures.

Technology Deployment

Modelon experts can help establish a design optimization workflow early in the product development process, when it delivers the most value.

Strategy & Guidance

Modelon experts can provide benchmarking reports, assist with project preparation, and help integrate simulation into management and processes.

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