Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit, the most advanced Modelica-based mathematical engine on the market, can be integrated into your CAE software product – providing your end-users with instant access to Modelica compliant libraries and FMI capabilities. Our state-of-the-art compiler enables users to build multi-domain physical systems by choosing building blocks from a wide range of supported Modelica-based libraries, containing thousands of model components. OPTIMICA’s solver empowers evaluation of complex physical systems, serving industries and applications ranging from automotive and active safety to energy and power plant optimization.

Key Benefits:

  • Implementation: Efficient and dependable implementation thanks to OPTIMICA’s powerful API and deployment experts
  • Compliance: Compliant with Modelon’s industry leading libraries, the Modelica Standard Library (3.2.2), and FMI (v 1.0 and v 2.0) standards
  • Performance: State of the art solvers for robust, accurate and efficient computations of model behavior
  • Analysis Range: Solvers for transient simulation, steady-state computations and dynamic optimization
  • Optimized Integration: Seamless integration into leading engineering environments through Modelon’s FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink, FMI Add-in for Excel, and PyFMI (Python)
  • Custom Workflows: Seamless integration into custom, automated engineering design work flows to develop engineering design applications.

Current Integrators:

Twin Builder by ANSYS

IGNITE by Ricardo Software

Simcenter Amesim by Siemens

“[We] are integrating Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler into the Twin Builder environment, providing our customer base with support for creating and simulating a rich collection of Modelica models that span numerous engineering disciplines and applications.”

Lee Johnson , Product Manager, Systems Business Unit, ANSYS


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