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New North America Modelica Users’ Group

Modelon October 23, 2012

Modelon is happy to inform about the formation of the North America Modelica Users’ Group.

Modelon is pleased to announce the formation of the North America Modelica Users’ Group.

Modelica is an open-standard technology for modeling and simulation of physical systems, which evolved in Europe over the last two decades to meet the increasing complexity challenges in systems engineering industries. The Modelica standard includes the Modelica Language Specification and the open-source Modelica Standard Library of multi-domain physical model components. Modelica is developed and maintained by the non-profit and independent Modelica Association and is supported by engineering software tools from a range of vendors.

The technology is now embraced and praised by a large user community in industry and academia, and Modelica has become a standard part of engineering toolchains for R&D and innovation in many companies. Over the last few years, Modelica has spread dramatically beyond Europe and is enjoying growing popularity in North America.

Modelon is taking an active role in supporting the North American user community from our new office locations in Ann Arbor, MI, and Hartford, CT. “As a leading provider of Modelica and FMI-based systems engineering solutions, it is a natural part of our mission to co-found this new initiative to create a community for this region,” says Hubertus Tummescheit, CEO of Modelon Inc. Modelon distributes Dymola, the technology leading Modelica tool from Dassault Systèmes, in North America and offers a range of value added complementary products and services, including best-in-class technical support and training.

The North America Modelica Users’ Group is a vendor-neutral organization, founded to support users within North America and to promote the use of Modelica for engineering model development in the region. The goal of the group is to provide a forum for sharing ideas from the global Modelica community, give feedback for further development, and discuss and resolve model-development issues that may be specific to North America.

If you are a Modelica user or you are considering Modelica for your physical modeling projects in North America, this forum is ideal for exchanging ideas, addressing modeling problems, and promoting the North American perspective within the Modelica Association.

Membership is free and open to all Modelica users, vendors, and engineering model developers who are interested in finding out more about the language and community.

Web site: http://na.modelica-users.org
Contact: info@na.modelica-users.org
Membership inquiries: membership@na.modelica-users.org

Modelon community contact in North America: John Batteh

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