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Modelon’s Åkesson at LCCC-ACCESS workshop on Model-Based Engineering

Modelon April 22, 2015

Systems Modeling, Simulation and Optimization in a Heterogeneous World

The LCCC Linnaeus Center of Lund University and the ACCESS Linnaeus Center of KTH, are hosting a joint workshop on Model-Based Engineering (MBE), including Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), on May 4-6, 2015, at Lund University, Lund Sweden.

The first two days of the workshop will cover state of the art, recent advances and future directions in MBE research and development, as well as efforts and transition to practice in industry. The third day, May 6, will cover the needs for graduate and undergraduate education in these critical new fields, as well as continuing education, and description of current and future efforts.

See full program and workshop overview.

Among the distinguished speakers we are proud to find Johan Åkesson, Modelon CTO, who will talk about “Systems Modeling, Simulation and Optimization in a Heterogeneous World“:

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) holds many promises, e.g., reduction of cost of poor quality and time to market, as well as increases in integrated system performance and operating economy. But many promises are yet to be realized. Engineers faces a number of challenges in exercising methods and tools for MBSE. Many of the challenges flows form the inherent heterogeneity in systems engineering. This talk highlights heterogeneity in four dimensions:

  1. physical domains (electrical, mechanical, thermofluid etc.),
  2. analysis (simulation, optimization etc.),
  3. model fidelity (steady-state, dynamic, level of accuracy etc.), and
  4. tools (simulation environments, integration platforms etc.).

Industries aspiring to be or become systems integrators must excel in managing heterogeneity along these dimensions in order to bring competitive offers to the market.

Unifying technologies are therefore of particular interest in order to meet future challenges in MBSE. In this talk, the standards Modelica and the Functional Mock-up Interface, and related software tools, are put in this context, and their unifying capabilities are highlighted. Examples are used to demonstrate how Modelica and FMI are bringing unity to the heterogeneous MBSE table.

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