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Modelon will present at ASIM 2016 in Dresden, 7-9 September

Modelon August 19, 2016

A Framework for Parametric Aircraft, Engine and Sub-Systems Models

Modelon will be present at ASIM 2016 in Dresden, Germany on September 7-9, proposing a framework for parametric aircraft, engine and sub-systems models.

Multi-disciplinary design optimization of aircraft sub-systems and functions typically requires connecting a wide array of tools and technologies. While this approach is feasible, it is fragile – involving many tools and many versions, and can be slow.

The work of Modelon’s team proposes a unified framework for model-based design of aircraft sub-systems, while properly representing their interactions with the airframe and the propulsion system. The implemented framework is based on the modeling language Modelica.

The framework is feasible and produces meaningful results from a unified model in two engineering applications, aircraft level sizing and synthesis, and six degrees of freedom dynamic simulation.

ASIM Symposium Simulation Technique (ASIM SST) is the main conference of ASIM, the German speaking simulation association.

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