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Modelon in Verkstadsforum

Modelon May 9, 2011

Read about Modelon and our Modelica solutions in Verkstadsforum, the leading Swedish PLM Magazine.

The leading Swedish PLM magazine Verkstadsforum is writing about Modelon and the use of  Dymola and JModelica.org based Modelica solutions for systems simulation in Swedish technology enterprises such as Volvo, Tetra Pak and Borealis.

It is discussed and exemplified how system simulation adds value, saves time and reduces costs in model based development processes in a wide range of industrial application areas. Understanding the interaction of different physics in the system is the key to successful development of competitive complex products. The benefits of the Modelica language and open standard are highlighted as key enablers to acheive this.

Read the full article (in Swedish): <media 285 _blank download>Verkstadsforum Nr 2, 2011, sid 42</media> 

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