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Modelon Impact 2021.2 Now Available

Johan Windahl June 21, 2021

Modelon Impact 2021.2 is now available for current and new subscribers. Contact our team for a demo of the latest release. 

To view library release notes click here.

3D Animation Support

  • Out-of-the-box support
  • Improved selection of objects – including hiding objects to allow selection of objects inside
  • Export 3D animation as GLB format – GLB is a widely supported binary 3D-format that can be embedded into presentations

Parameter Sweeps with Multiple Compilations

  • Support for experiments with ‘structural parameters’ using range () and choices () operators
  • Automatic scheduling and parallelization of compilations

Improved Modelica Code Editor

  • Quickly navigate to a class using hyperlinks – Navigate back and forth with arrows
  • Improved readability
    • Theme selection – use a dark or light theme
    • Code folding – annotations are folded
    • Bracket matching – see where code block start and end
    • Block comments – comment and uncomment code
    • Word wrap – long lines are wrapped into multiple lines

Library Browser Filter

  • Filter as you type with instant feedback
  • Filter by model, package, or filename

FMU Co-Simulation Import

Import a co-simulation FMU* and connect and simulate it with Modelica models. A common use-case is to import a controller developed in a 3rd party tool and connect it with a system model.

  • FMU-import tool that automatically imports an FMU and generates a Modelica wrapper mode

*Support for CS-FMUs generated on the same Operating System that Modelon Impact runs on (Windows on Desktop & CentOS 7 at On-prem)


Support for Working With Libraries and Models With Syntax Errors

  • Import or load a library – Syntax errors show up as red dots in the package browser. Light red dots indicate a syntax error in a model inside a package
  • Resolve issue – Manually resolve issues in the code editor. The editor helps indicate where the issue is

Local Equation Balance Checker

  • Quickly verify that an equation system is locally balanced.
  • A local balance check verifies that the number of equations and variables match up assuming sub-components are balanced

Additional Features and Enhancements


  • Simulation speed-up – reduced overhead when executing from UI
  • Improved symbolic manipulation – can in special cases reduce the size of equation systems which improves simulation performance.
  • Support for Modelica inverse annotation – can improve simulation speed and robustness.


  • Plotting improvements
    • Customize colors
      • Select a trajectory or result point and modify the colors using a plot UI
      • Color settings can be saved to views
      • Multi-color mode for parameter sweeps
    • Units on the Y-axis
  • Improved source-code formatting
  • Duplicating a model now preserves formatting.
  • Improved compiler error messages for failed size evaluations
  • Improved diagnostics for encrypted models – easier to debug models including encrypted components.
  • View results of canceled simulations
  • Improved support for redeclared components
  • Unit settings support at experiment setup – easier to setup experiments on a larger time scale
  • Support for Modelica annotation HideResult

Model utilization:

  • Improved optimization toolchain – support for more Modelica constructs in the Casadi-toolchain
  • Support of external functions, functions with unknown sizes, nested functions with unknown sizes, enumerations, better handling of if-statements
  • Increased the performance of CasADi transfer by around 60% for large models
  • New solver for CS FMU export – Runge-Kutta (2nd order).
  • Custom function improvements – option to specify if a pre-compiled FMU is not required.

Modelon Library Highlights

Energy and Process:

  • Thermal Power Library enhanced by a CO2 storage separation process
  • Significantly improved microgrid in the Thermal Power Library with various control and dynamic optimization options
  • New table-based media and their improved creator available in the Thermal Power Library
  • Analytical Jacobians significantly shortening run times added into Air Conditioning Library
  • Number of new realistic examples (Supercritical CO2, Liquefied Air Energy Storage) created


  • Modular electrical powertrains added into the Vehicle Dynamics Library showing acceleration, torque vectoring, range estimation in EL coupe, and pickup vehicles
  • Vehicle models can be compiled and run on VI-Grade® simulators
  • The Simcenter Tire (MF-Tyre/MF-Swift) model has been updated to the latest version
  • The gear shift behavior for all automatic transmissions has been significantly improved
  • The most common AC electrical machines, AC/DC inverters with examples developed


  • Complex (multiphysics, multilibrary) high-performance aircraft landing digital twin example
  • A new complex geometry fuel tank model supporting multi-level liquid simulations has been developed
  • New types of fuel tank orifice models covering various geometries added
  • Common ambient component developed for aerospace libraries

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