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Modelon Impact 2021.0 Release Highlights

Johan Windahl February 26, 2021

Modelon is pleased to announce the release of Modelon Impact 2021.0. This release delivers significant improvements and critical features that are accessible to current and new subscribers. Please contact us to receive a full copy of the product release notes.

Vehicle Dynamics Library Now Available

Modelon’s Vehicle Dynamics Library is seamlessly integrated and accessible in Modelon Impact 2021.0. Now, users will be able to access Modelon’s world-class comprehensive library of predefined vehicle components, related to mechanical design and control design. Learn more about Vehicle Dynamics Library.

Aircraft Dynamics LibraryAircraft Dynamics Library Now Available

Modelon’s Aircraft Dynamics Library is seamlessly integrated and accessible with Modelon Impact 2021.0. Now, users can use the extensive library of pre-defined components to design and assess the entire aircraft package – hybrid-electric propulsion concepts, flight dynamics, detailed landing gear design and analysis, and performance of complex aircraft systems. Learn more about Aircraft Dynamics Library.

Aircraft Landing Gear Simulation

Supporting Large Scale Parameter Sweeps

Modelon Impact’s new micro-service architecture enables users to distribute compilation and simulation jobs on a cluster – executing larger simulations faster. Users will benefit from:

  • Creating experiments – define the sequence, manage experiments, and save back to the model.
  • Filter results – filter with a view or text pattern to control the size of the result.

Modelon Impact API Access Support

Users can now connect and programmatically interact with Modelon Impact using the Python Client Library. By installing the Modelon Impact Python package users can create and automate custom workflows.

Added Features and Enhancements

  • Improved Performance
    • Fast user-interface – open large models quickly, enabled by the new architecture design
    • Faster compilation – a more efficient compiler
    • Faster simulation – more efficient code generation
  • Model Utilization Support
    • Dynamic optimization toolchain upgraded to Python 3
    • Dynamic optimization toolchain support of encrypted libraries
    • Scripting support of FMU save state
  • Improved Plotting Functionality
    • Explore cause and effect, using xy plot
    • Compare results between models, using pin plot concept
  • Improved Usability
    • Parameter dialog – support for modifying parameter types
    • Improved version management – switch between library versions using a drop-down menu
    • Support for Imperial units – larger set of units to choose from
    • Support for templates – configure templates for a more efficient workflow
    • Export an FMU from the user-interface
    • New icon editor – create icons for your models – draw or import your own image
    • New documentation editor – write and embed documentation in your model

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