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Modelon expertise with Modelica and FMI delivers three out of three for Swegon AB

Modelon May 21, 2014

Beyond causing no regrets, the move to Dymola, the Modelica Buildings Library and FMI has increased expectations for Per Johan Saltin.

Mr. Saltin, the Simulation Software Engineer for Swegon AB, was once pleased with achieving two out of three critical measures of project success – meeting budget, saving time and increasing quality.  But recently he hit the trifecta, the hat trick, the triple crown.

Swegon AB is an international HVAC company providing aero-handling units, chillers, heat pumps, diffusers, acoustics and controls. The company has production factories in several European countries and in India, as well as sales representatives in China and the United States. Mr. Saltin is responsible for energy calculation engines for the company’s sales support programs.

Swegon uses Modelica to generate models based on open standards and FMI to create FMUs that help make calculation engines simple to use for sales people recommending the right-size units for customers.

Open standards enable Swegon to share critical data with OEMs throughout the development cycle.

“We have OEMs who make things for us [and] we would like to import [their] models…to use in energy calculation programs.

Mr. Saltin also likes the freedom of choice open standards provide. “You don’t want to get locked into one specific provider.”

Swegon benefited from taking Modelon training courses, which answered a lot of big debugging and strategic questions according to Mr. Saltin.

Modelon also worked with Swegon to select the best software that could make use of FMUs. That was the project where Modelon delivered three out of three major benefits, raising future expectations and making Mr. Saltin “very happy.”

This 4:33 interview is another in a series conducted by Modelon at the 10th International Modelica Conference in Lund, Sweden in March 2014.

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