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Modelon expands aerospace solutions

Modelon September 8, 2015

Two new Modelica libraries launch in September

Starting in September 2015, two new Modelica libraries for the aerospace industry are available from Modelon: Environmental Control Library and Fuel System Library.

Developed by Modelon over a number of years together with a European airframe manufacturer, the tools are now commercially available with version 3.1.

Environmental Control Library targets design and verification of aircraft environmental control systems, including prediction of energy consumption, thermal conditions, and human comfort.

Fuel Systems Library is tailored for aircraft fuel systems design with models that include the effects of gravity and detailed system geometry as well as air-fuel mixing.

The libraries have been designed to be efficient and numerically robust to handle complex, large-scale systems.

Key features of the libraries include:

  • Flexible components for building complex architectures
  • Real-time capabilities for high performance simulations
  • Support for bi-directional flows
  • Efficient property models for fast calculations

The two libraries provide a platform hardened over years of industrial program development.  Contact us to learn more!

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