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Modelon delivers fuel-cell systems simulation for truck auxiliary power unit

Modelon November 18, 2015

3 kW prototype unit – a recent result of FCGEN collaboration project

Modelon has recently finalized FCGEN, an EU-funded collaboration project to design, build, and demonstrate a diesel-powered fuel-cell unit for truck APU applications.

This approach is novel in that it uses the same fuel for the auxiliary power unit as for the main engine with the advantage that onboard fuel reforming eliminates the need for hydrogen infrastructure.

By efficiently producing power at reduced emissions and noise, this technology can be used not only onboard trucks but also in aviation and as emergency power in building segments, e.g. hospitals.

The prototype APU unit produced 3 kW and operated for 10 000 h at the test site in Slovenia of the project coordinator, Josef Stefan Institute.

Modelon conducted fuel-cell systems modeling and simulation, including the development of real-time models of the complete system for use in a Hardware-in-the-Loop system for tuning and optimization of the control system.

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