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Modelon at Modelica Conference 2015

Modelon June 24, 2015

Check out the strong slate of publications from Modelon in September

We are proud to announce the presence of Modelon at 2015 Modelica Conference with nine accepted papers:

  • Dynamic Modeling of a Central Receiver CSP system in Dymola – J. Edman, J. Windahl
  • Production Planning for Distributed District Heating Networks with JModelica.org – P-O. Larsson, S. Velut, H. Runvik, S. Modarrez Razavi, A. Nilsson, M. Bohlin, J. Funkquist
  • Control Development and Modeling for Flexible DC Grids in Modelica (poster) – A. Olenmark, J. Sloth, A. Johnsson, C. Wilhelmsson, J. Svensson
  • MultiComponentMultiPhase – a Framework for Thermodynamic Properties in Modelica – J. Windahl, K. Prölss, M. Bosmans, H. Tummescheit, E. van Es, A. Sewgobind
  • NMPC Application Using JModelica.org: Features and Performance – C. Hartlep, T. Henningsson
  • Coupling Model Exchange FMUs for Aggregated Simulation by Open Source Tools (poster) – C. Andersson, J. Åkesson, C. Führer, P. Pannu
  • Optimica Testing Toolkit: a Tool-Agnostic Testing Framework for Modelica Models – J. Sten, A. Perlman, J. Åkesson
  • A Framework for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control in JModelica.org – T. Henningsson, M. Axelsson, F. Magnusson
  • Automated Deployment of Modelica Models in Excel via Functional Mockup Interface and Integration with modeFRONTIER – J. Batteh, J. Gohl, A. Pitchaikani, A. Duggan, N. Fateh.

Modelon is a Silver Sponsor and exhibitor at the event. Join our team September 21-23 in Paris to see the presentations and meet the authors — register now.

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