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Modelon at COFES 2016, April 7-10, Scottsdale, Arizona

Modelon April 4, 2016

Exploring the tools for co-evolution of complex things

COFESthe Congress on the Future of Engineering Software – has been created 16 years ago to offer a forum where “we set aside to lift our heads from the daily grind and consider our work in a broader context”. 

In 2016, COFES explores the nature of the tools we will need as we reimagine design in the context of the 21st century. The domain of COFES is the realm of software for design and engineering.

In organizers’ words: “We’ve created great tools for the design of physical products and electronics, and decent tools for the design of software. What we haven’t done is even conceive of the tools we need for co-evolution of complex things. That’s what we will explore at COFES 2016.”

COFES is an invitation-based event. Modelon will be represented this year by Dr. Hubertus Tummescheit, CEO of Modelon Inc.

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