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Modelon and FMI in ITEA 2 Magazine

Modelon September 28, 2011

“Swedish modelling firm Modelon launches FMI Toolbox for MATLAB.”

Modelons activity and collaboration within the ITEA 2 projects OPENPROD and MODELISAR are highlighted in the recent issue of ITEA 2 Magazine.

The same issue also features a good article on the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI): the emerging standard for tool-independent exchange and run-time interoperability of simulation models in embedded software design.

Read more in ITEA 2 Magazine no 10, September 2011:

  • “Swedish modelling firm Modelon launches FMI Toolbox for MATLAB” (p. 12)
  • “Functional Mock-up Interface enables multi disciplinary interoperability” (p. 16)

ITEA 2 is a European Union research program is a strategic pan-European programme for advanced pre-competitive R&D in Software-intensive Systems and Services.

OPENPROD is an ITEA2 European project to provide an open, whole-product model-driven rapid systems development, modeling, and simulation environment integrating in to the leading open industrial software development platform (Eclipse) with open-source (JModelica.org, etc.), as well as industrial modeling and simulation tools and applications.

MODELISAR  is an ITEA2 European project with the purpose to introduce functional mock-up (FMU), a next generation of methods, standards and tools to support collaborative design, simulation and test of systems and embedded software.

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