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Meet us at the 2012 Modelica Conference

Modelon August 31, 2012

Visit our booth and attend our presentations at the 9th Modelica Conference, Sept 3-5.

At the conference, we are providing

10 Contributed papers
2 Tutorials
2 Vendor sessions
1 Exhibition


Monday September 3rd 14:00-17:00

Tutorial 4 (Room: Seminarraum S1):
Vehicle Dynamics Library Tutorial
by John Griffin and Johan Andreasson, Modelon AB, Sweden

Tutorial 5 (Room: Säulensaal):
Dynamic Optimization and FMI Simulation with JModelica.org
by Johan Åkesson and the JModelica.org team, Modelon AB, Sweden

Vendor sessions

Tuesday September 4, 17:30-18:15
Modelica Libraries from Modelon
Kleiner Saal
Thermal Power Library
Hydro Power Library
Electric Power Library
Engine Dynamics Library
Liquid Cooling Library
Heat Exchanger Library
Vehicle Dynamics Library

Tuesday September 4, 18:15-19:00
JModelica.org and related tools
Seminarraum S1
Graphical editing
Simulation, FMIL, PyFMI
Optimization, collocation, DFO, CasADi
FMI Toolbox for MATLAB
FMI Add-In for Excel
FMI C++ Toolkit/FMI .NET Toolkit
OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit

Paper presentations

Presentation, September 4th 10:40
Gas Exchange and Exhaust Condition Modeling of a Diesel Engine using the Engine Dynamics Library
Daniel Andersson and Johan Dahl
Säulensaal (Session 1C: Power and Energy)

Presentation, September 4th 13:35
Functional Mockup Interface 2.0: The Standard for Tool independent Exchange of Simulation Models
Torsten Blochwitz, Martin Otter, Johan Åkesson, Martin Arnold, …
Stadtsaal (Session 2A: FMI Standard I)

Presentation, September 4th 14:00
Generation of Sparse Jacobians for the Function Mock-Up Interface 2.0
Johan Åkesson, Willi Braun, Petter Lindholm and Bernhard Bachmann
Stadtsaal (Session 2A: FMI Standard I)

Presentation, September 4th 15:45
Implementation of a Graphical Modelica Editor with Preserved Source Code Formatting
Tobias A. Mattsson Jon Sten Tove Bergdahl Jesper Mattsson Johan Åkesson
Säulensaal (Session 3C: Language and Compilation Concepts I)

Presentation, September 5th 11.05
Start-up Optimization of a Combined Cycle  Power Plant
Alexandra Lind, Elin Sällberg, Stéphane  Velut, Stephanie Gallardo Yances; Kilian Link, Johan Åkesson
Seminarraum S1 (Session 5D: Power Plants )

Presentation, September 5th 11:30
Modeling and Simulation of a Vertical Wind Power Plant in Dymola/Modelica
Joel Petersson, Pär Isaksson, Hubertus Tummescheit and Johan Ylikiiskilä
Seminarraum S1 (Session 5D: Power Plants)

Presentation, September 5th 11.30
Modeling Vehicle Drivability with Modelica and the Vehicle Dynamics Library
John Griffin, John Batteh and Johan Andreasson
Säulensaal (Session 5C: Automotive Systems)

Poster, September 5th 11.55
Derivative-free parameter optimization of Functional Mock-up Units
Sofia Gedda, Christian Andersson, Johan Åkesson, Stefan Diehl
Kleiner Saal (Poster session)

Poster, September 5th 11:55-12:55
Time varying mass and inertia in paper winding multi-body simulation
Edo Drenth
Kleiner Saal (Poster session)

Presentation, September 5th 14:25
Collocation Methods for Optimization in a Modelica Environment
Fredrik Magnusson and Johan Åkesson
Stadtsaal (Session 6A: Optimization methods)

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