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Meet Modelon at FAST-zero 2015 in Gothenburg

Modelon August 26, 2015

Focus: Vehicle Dynamics solutions for Future Active Safety Technology

Are you interested in technology for Active Safety, Autonomous Vehicle or Cooperative Driving Systems? FAST-zero 2015 Symposium in Gothenburg targets these domains, and Modelon is proud to be this year among the exhibitors of the event.

Modelon provides open-standards solutions for model-based innovation and design, as well as virtual prototyping and testing.  Our core expertise encompasses Modelica and FMI-based solutions for vehicle active safety. Modelon is also a reseller of the virtual test platform CarMaker.

At its third edition, the 2015 FAST-zero Symposium will be held for the first time outside Japan. The main principle of the event is simple: no loss of life in traffic is acceptable. Since humans make mistakes in driving, vehicles and traffic systems must be designed with the purpose to avoid accidents.

Meet our representatives between 9-11 September 2015 for more information about what solutions we can provide for your problems!

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